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      It was a nice sunny day. There were no clouds and it wasn't too hot nor too cold. It was the perfect day to in the Land of Aaa to have fun, especially a party. Prince Gumball was having his annual Summer Ball tonight.Fionna and Cake have been busy helping him to prepare. Food as been made, tables set, and decorations have been put up all around the castle. They were almost done, when they decided to take a break. They looked around with a pleased smile knowing that they did a good job.
"Thank you,Fionna and Cake. I don't think i could've done this without your help." Gumball said with a smile as he looked at the girls. They all were standing in the middle of the room looking around them.
Fionna laughed a bit and smiled as she replied to the prince"It's no problem Gumball. I like to help out" Cake nodded," We help out no matter what" she replied with a smile. They finished decorating the castle and made sure that everything was in its place properly. After they finished Fionna sighed with a smile,"Well it took a while, but it's finished!" She said with her hands on her waist looking at everything now that it was finished. Cake smiled,"It would be nice to chat, but we gotta go get ready!" She said surprised as she looked at the time.
Gumball chuckled,"Ahh, thats true it is quite late. We all have to get our outfits on." He said with a smile,"Ill see you later then" he said with a wave of his hand. Fionna and Cake ran out and waved to him," See you later!" She shouted as cake grew larger and Fionna hopped on her back. 
Once they got home preparations to get ready for the party commenced. Fionna took a bath while Cake finished  their outfits. It was going to be a fun night. Fionna and Flame Prince had been going out for a week now and they were supposed to go to the ball together, along with cake of course. Fionna was excited, they haven't been to a party together before. He had to have a spell on him so he wouldn't burn everything, but this was going to be nice. Fionna got out the tub and wrapped a towel around herself. She humed as she started to to her hair. She didn't do a lot really, she put her hair in her hat  after brushing it. Cake walked in, the dress was finally ready. It was a pretty white and blue dress that puffed out just enough. She put the dress on and finished getting ready. She refused to let Cake put makeup on her. After she had her dress, shoes,hair,and purse they were almost done. Cake pulled out a  blue ribbon and tied it  around her neck. Then it was time to wait. Flame prince was supposed to pick them up at 6:30. They waited and waited and waited.
 Fionna puffed out her cheeks and sighed,"Cake, if you wanna leave without me its ok. You should go have fun." Cake looked at her surprised,"Girl are you crazy!? I never would leave without you!" Fionna sighed once more," I know but FP is my date there's no reason I should hold you back!" Cake looked at her astonished by this,"Fionna is this what you really want?" She asked and put a hand on  Fionna's shoulder.  Fionna  smiled and nodded at the feline ,"Yes" she replied sternly. Cake nodded her head then left. Fionna sighed and looked at the time, it was almost 8."What's taking him so long??" She asked to her self before sighing.

She didn't know that the whole time Marshall Lee was watching . He chuckled,"Oh Fionna, having problems again I see" he said quietly to himself. He shook his head with a smirk planted on his face," You would think HotHead would be here already, but than again he wasn't used to being out of the heat often..." He said  to himself shaking his head,"Well I might as well as make use of the situation" he said with a chuckle. He was wearing his usual clothes, not like he wouldn't mind looking fancy but really he just didn't care to. He  floated in though an open window and hovered over fionna and showed himself. He smiled as he floated down and sat next to her. She didn't even notice. He leaned his arm on the arm rest and laid his head on his hand an looked at her. He smirked as he said,"Hey Fionna." 
Fionna was startled at the sudden voice and jumped as she looked at the vampire,"MARSHALL?!WHAT THE BUNK MAN!" She shouted as Marshall laughed. He floated in front of her,"Hey, I'm just having some fun is all" he replied with a chuckle. Fionna was red in the face as she looked at him,"What are you doing here?? Shouldn't you be at Gumballs party?" She asked and crossed her arms. Marshall smiled,"Yeah but I thought I'd check on you before I left. Isn't HotHead supposed to get you? He asked,"He must not be very good at these things huh?" He asked as he looked at her laying in the air. Fionna got redder and looked away from him. She knew it was true but she hated hearing the words," He's just running late that's all." She replied. Marshall chuckled," Well if you say so. But really we could just leave now. He's already almost an hour late." He said with a smirk on his face. Fionna looked at him with fire in her eyes. It was clear she was annoyed,"He's going to be here ok?!" She exclaimed furstratedly. Marshall chuckled,"Ok ok i get it no need to break my neck." He said planting his feet on the ground. He smiled," I'll see ya later ok?" Fionna sighed and smiled," Ok.." she repled and sat back down. Marshall was about to head out when someone came through the door. Fionna jotted her head to the door and Marshall froze in his place.

It's Love Time (Pt.1)
Well this is the first,I hope its ok. 
All characters © Pendleton Ward
        So I made this fan fic back in 2013 and I never finished it. If you wanna read the old one just go to my Gallery and click folders then click all. You can read the whole thing. I think it couldve been goodish but its laughable becuase some parts are short an  others are long. Really i was 14 new and i sucked at writing. I am much better now. I think Rping had helped alot. But ive decided ro reboot the fan fic and rewrite it but keep the plot and add to it. I think it will be much better this time around. Pretty much  as far as I remember, its about Fionna and Marshall's point of views and the struggle of Marshall Lee trying to win Fionna's love. But shes with Flame Prince and their relationship is on and off. Marshall struggles with this but hes determined to get the girl. Fionna feels torn because she loves FP but she devalops feelings for Marshall too. Its a tough rode and it's not easy at all. But only one guy can have thr girl, so who would it be? Marshall or Flame Prince?  Only time can tell.
         So now my job is to make this fan fic and add to it and make it better. I don't know if im going to do a fan version or not like i did last time. It would be hard to keep up i suppose. I dont know I will have to think about it. But I'm going to start writing the frst part either today or tomorrow. Once i have it up i may do a new psrt each week.  Depends on hoe my life is looking. Or ill write a couple parts and do it chronically like that. Each week will be a new part and ill continue writing each week. Until i think its time for like a sequel or something. Either way im still planning but i hope it turns out good and people love it just as they did last time.
 Im working on all my accounts. Including this one and Ask-the-monsters  and NattieMonsters  so expect activity here and there. I think imma reboot an old FanFiction. So Ill probably start with that.


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 Im working on all my accounts. Including this one and Ask-the-monsters  and NattieMonsters  so expect activity here and there. I think imma reboot an old FanFiction. So Ill probably start with that.
 Hey guys so i think imma deactivate this account uhm only cuz im never on anymore and like idk what imma do with this account soooo please if you still wanna talk to me and all that good stuff then watch me on one of my other accounts :iconnattiemonsters: oor :iconask-the-monsters:
DID YALL MISS ME? heh eue im sorry that i kinda just deserted this account ive been busy on my other accounts :iconask-the-monsters: and :iconnattiemonsters: uhm imma get this account back up but first imma delete my old fan fics and my old art then imma kinda start over and i think imma use this account as my story account and my account for  my persona maybe idk ill think it over but first things first is putting this account under construction 

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